Frequently Asked Questions

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Are these hurricane rated? What about cold weather conditions?


Yes. They’re designed to meet or exceed tough hurricane codes in regions that there are hurricanes. And Arcadia's can also withstand heavy snow loads in the winter.


Can you give a rough estimate of the costs?


No, we’re sorry. Every project is unique in terms of size, design, options, and customization. There just is no “one size fits all” answer.  


Contact us with the details of your project. We’ll get back to you right away to prepare a specific estimate for your pergola.


Do you service my area?


Yes. Arcadia has a robust and rapidly expanding network of distributors across the U.S., Canada, and beyond. If you want this product, Arcadia will service your needs. Contact us to learn more.


Is this product made in America?


Yes. All our pergolas are designed, fabricated, and assembled by American craftsmen. We're 100% made in the U.S.A.


What material is the pergola made out of? What about the colors?


All components are fully-extruded, powder-coated aluminum (the only fully-extruded aluminum louvered roof system on the market today). Then we use stainless steel tex screws to secure the entire system.


The aircraft-grade aluminum will never rust, and is available in four stock colors (white, beige, adobe, and bronze)… as well as thousands of customizable color schemes.


Is there any way to see this in person?


Yes. Contact us. We’ll provide you with an opportunity to see it in person.


Does this require city/county permitting? HOA approval?


Yes. All pergolas are built 100% “by the book.” Arcadia knows all the regulations in your area. We'll facilitate and take care of all of this for you.


Do you build just the louvered top or the whole thing? Do you do custom installations?


We build the entire structure. But we can also customize the installation to suit your individual property or needs.


When you contact us, you can provide a detailed description of exactly what kind of installation you desire. (And if you don’t know... reach out to us. We’ll schedule an estimator to come help you design it.)


I already have an existing pergola. Can your roof replace the one I already have?


Yes. Contact us with the specifics of your project. We’ll do our best to provide you the exact, custom build you desire. (Our newest product even lets you re-utilize your existing wooden pergola slats inside our louvered roof system! Inquire for more information.)


Is the roof fully waterproof when closed?


Yes. The pergola comes with an internal, built in gutter system. When closed during a rain shower, the louvered slats act as rain channels. They channel all water down through our internal gutters. You can even reclaim the rainwater to water your plants if you so choose!


Can you tell me more about the smartphone app?


The app lets you set regular daily open/close times… adjust the angle of the pitch (up to 170 degrees)… select four preset conditions for the perfect positioning at the right time of day… and choose how your system performs automatically in the wind and rain.

Does it come with a warranty?


Yes. All pergolas come with a 15-year warranty on the structure and a five-year warranty on the electronics. The warranty is transferable if you decide to sell your property.

Can I get an info packet?


Yes. Contact us below and we’ll provide you a full-detail, downloadable product catalogue (pdf), instantly.

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